About Speak IoT

SpeakIoT aims to build an innovative, and cost-effective, IoT operator and services provider that can handle the requirements of low power, long range, and ubiquity of machines and smart objects through an attractive business model that overcomes the limitations of traditional telecommunication operators and services providers.


SpeakIoT relies on its diversified team with an accumulative industry experience of 32 years covering all aspects of the telecom and IT industry. SpeakIoT team brings experience in software and embedded systems development, IT and telecom operations, RF planning, network deployment and roll-out, system integration, customer service and business development and strategy with an encounter of two startups establishment..

SpeakIoT team is also introducing a strong academic position with two MSc holders and three PhD candidates, a team of deepened cutting technology understanding with research areas covering unlicensed frequency spectrum technologies, RF and antenna design, Security in IoT, power-aware mobile software, artificial Intelligence, big data and data analytics.

Cost Effective Solutions

SpeakIoT is offering IoT connectivity and services solutions that are cost-effective and flexible. Through utilizing LoRa technology and other relatively lower-cost solutions, we are able to provide connectivity in large geographical area with minimal cost compared to traditional solutions. This will reflect in low-cost services that will allow an increasing number of low-cost objects to be connected to the network for various sensing and control applications

Our mission

Open Networks and Open Data.

Providing a platform of infrastructure that can support other verticals in realizing business cases based on IoT that are faced with certain hurdles in the traditional approach with capability of fast go-to-market approach.

Building the local ecosystem specifically the development community to boost the adoption and realize different use cases.